Stock 110

Stock airbox and intake, cartridge forks and stock a style swing arm, 111cc max, stock exhaust, no disc brakes, no internal motor mods, comfort mods only, 110L allowed

Stock Lim 110

Aftermarket intake and porting allowed, cartridge forks, 111cc max, disc brakes allowed, aftermarket A style swing arm allowed, exhaust allowed, 110L allowed and YCF 110


155cc max, stock style suspension (no inverted forks), disc brakes allowed

Vet 35+/Heavy

35 or over, over 220lbs, Open mods (12in, 14in, 16in rear wheel allowed)

full mod

12in rear wheel, 14in front, all other mods allowed, air cooled 4 stroke open cradle frame


max 16in rear wheel, air cooled 4 stroke motor


16in rear wheel max limited to xr/crf100(frame and motor), all other mods allowed (xr 80’s are ok)


16in rear wheel max 14in min, 125cc max air cooled 4 stroke (ex: xr100, drz125, klx125, ttr125)

youth 7-13

12in rear wheel, air cooled 4 stroke, all other mods allowed


16in rear wheel, vertical air cooled 4 stroke motor

Protests will be handled in accordance with AMA rules